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Free In-Store Pick Up - Apply to all BrassyBra orders with the promo code "PICKUP". (Email to follow with instructions) COCOA Kit Contains: Three pairs of BrassyBra Lift Tape (disposable/single use). Three pairs of nipple cover and Test patch for skin sensitivity. This product is used where a regular bra won't do. It's for all your cleavage, halter neck, open back needs you may have. You may also shape and form it by using a scissor (best to do after it is put on) Latex-free and allergy friendly. Made of 97% Cotton, making it feather light and thin.The specially developed medical adhesive makes it gentle on the skin but also water resistant! It also dries quickly because of the breathable fabric! This is a disposable bra, you can only use it once, but there are three pairs in each kit!




Sizes over "H"/"FF" will need 1 1/2 - 2 pieces per breast. 

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