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How It Began

I can recall my first real fitting  just over 20 years ago. It was a true revelation and as if a weight was literally lifted from my shoulders. At the time, I was fitted for a 38M. The bra I was fitted for was the only style I wore for almost 10 years. It was great knowing my size but the problem was that it was the only bra I could find to actually fit.  So like many women, I had to settle for a bra that was nowhere near my size at times.. And for obvious reasons, strapless was never an option. 


But as I grew older and the internet made the world a lot smaller,  I  was able to find options that I never dreamed were available to full busted women. I was thrilled at the finds for myself but even more so for my three daughters, all of which now wear "D" plus sizes.  I want to bring that new found feeling of confidence to every women who's ever shared my struggle and hopefully prevent other women from ever having the experience. Every woman should experience how It's the Fit That Makes you Fabulous.

 ~Ahndrea Jones

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